Three brilliant minds converge during the Second World War for an encounter of atomic proportions.

Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr were at the vanguard of the scientific community in Copenhagen until Hitler’s occupation of Denmark put a chill on their relationship. In 1941, with the Second World War in full swing, Heisenberg paid a visit to Bohr in Copenhagen … and the details of their encounter remain shrouded in mystery. Michael Frayn’s Tony-award-winning play Copenhagen imagines the possibilities of their historic visit, as the two men are joined in their reminiscences by Bohr’s wife, confidant, and sounding-board, Margrethe. Starring Alfred Molina, David Krumholtz, and Shannon Cochran.

Copenhagen stars Alfred Molina as Niels Bohr; David Krumholtz as Werner Heisenberg; and Shannon Cochran as Margrethe Bohr. Stage manager: Amanda Allen. Sound effects artist: Tony Palermo. Associate producer: Christina Montano. Editor: Wes Dewberry. Original music, recording, and mixing engineer: Mark Holden for The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood. Our director is Martin Jarvis.

An interview with Niels Bohr’s biographer David Lindley (Cambridge) on the real meeting at Copenhagen.